Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I went for a walk downtown and chanced upon this sight. "What is this horrifying assemblage of things?" I asked myself. 
Clockwise from left, we have:

  • Some button eyed dolls like the ones in Coraline, only these don't have mouths so they can't scream or tell what's been done to them.
  • A giant spear practically bristling with tetanus.
  • A bunch of empty wine bottles jutting from old paint cans, all atop a tire, like an altar to everything hobo civilization has achieved.
  • A gene spliced crab/clam, forever doomed to topple onto its back with its gaping maw thrust skyward.
  • And a careworn idol of L'oti, mad trickster deity that laughed as the Spanish brought plague to the New World.
And what nightmarish, avant garde stage production have these things been brought together for? Something out of the Lovecraft corpus, maybe? Or perhaps an original play entitled, "The Sea is a Whore and We are Her Playthings"?
These are the props, or maybe the set, for the Lexington Children's Theater production of the Little fucking Mermaid. This is announced by some metal watering cans that caught rust cancer and were left to dissolve and develop boils.
I hope parents are standing by with the tranquilizers, because this is all little Tommy will see when he tries to sleep tonight:

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