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Welcome to Bad Ideas I Had, or Bad Ideas for short. My name is James David and I write fiction, comedic nonfiction, and recaps of Batman: The Animated Series. I am aware that one of those things is not like the others. I post my stuff on Tuesdays and Batman recaps every Friday, although new things can appear here at any time.

I write in multiple genres, although the most represented are horror, science fiction, and fantasy, with a few that stray into dark comedy and magical realism. My works range from flash fiction to short stories, although there are more of the former than there are of the latter. Everything is listed on the Writing page. If you want a short story, I recommend Johari Window; if you want something quicker, check out Drive.

My comedic nonfiction tends toward the absurd, but the topics come from all angles. For example, I've written about Choose Your Own Adventure books, Netflix, and Lunchables. There's a "best of" list on the Writing page, although you can read everything by clicking the comedy label.

All Batman: The Animated Series recaps are listed in order on the Batman page, which is so obvious and trite The Riddler would kill himself.

I also build a little robot out of paper each month, because why wouldn't I?

I have two tumblrs. The Microwave's Ghost is morbid flash fiction, little vignettes that occasionally read like Jack Handy took a trip on the Event Horizon; Batman's Day Out is screencaps, gifs, and captions for The Animated Series. They update once a day, Monday to Friday. Both are listed on the My Projects page, which will also play host to future oddities I dream up.

Others is a list of folks I enjoy, I admire, who write similar things (only better), or some combination thereof. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Finally, I'm on twitter @badideasihad There's also a box on the main page where my recent tweets will show up. I announce new things via twitter, but you could also subscribe to my RSS feed.