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Morbid flash fiction that can be darkly comedic, traumatizing, or anywhere between the two. All posts are from zero to about 300 words. Here's an example:
I'm getting into arts and crafts. My psychiatrist said that sometimes, when the mind is too busy, doing something with the hands can bring quietude. "It's like a more active form of meditation," she said. "Don't think about what you're making, if you like it or not. The doing's the thing." 
So I took her advice. I bought popsicle sticks (which are so ubiquitous in this world they're labelled craft sticks), three different kinds of glue, modeling clay, pipe cleaners, and a set of paints. 
After a couple days, I noticed a trend - the only thing I was doing was holding one craft stick to another half a craft stick, and then lashing them together at the quarter point with a red pipe cleaner. I had about fifty of them. I put them up around my apartment. 
I've been sleeping better. I don't know if it's the crafts, or the peace of mind that comes from having fifty crosses surrounding me at all times. 
If that won't keep them away for good, nothing will.

Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader on weekends?

Screencaps and gifs from Batman: The Animated Series designed to answer one question - what does Batman do when he's just hanging out?

There wasn't even any crime that night - he just wanted to drink tea in his Batsuit