Friday, March 16, 2012

Batman: The Animated Series Drinking Game

I have created a drinking game based on Batman: The Animated Series, something my childhood self would never have dreamed to do. Back then, I was mainly concerned with duplicating the action on screen with my toys.

I never owned any of the villains; instead, I had an endless array of Batmen in different outfits, e.g. winter camouflage Batman, deep sea Batman, pizza chef Batman. I contented myself by thinking they were evil duplicates/clones/robots, forced to fight the real Dark Knight from atop their perch on Mt. Otherknee. I'd pivot the action figures in crude approximations of punches and kicks, the fused joint violence only an eight year old could dream up.

If you played a drinking game with Batman: The Animated Series as a child, please seek professional help.

Here are the rules I’ve come up with. I think they’re pretty comprehensive, but let me know if you have any additions/suggestions in the comments!


  • Batman makes a joke or pun about the villain going to prison.
  • Batman has an inordinate degree of compassion on the villain.
  • Villain is some kind of scientist.
  • Batman forgets he has a grapple gun.
  • Bruce Wayne uses his Batman voice, or Batman uses his Bruce Wayne voice.
  • Harvey Bullock expresses extreme disdain for Batman.
  • Villain makes a pun related to their theme.
  • Batman displays greater than reasonable human strength.
  • Villain greets our hero by simply shouting "Batman!"
  • Batman is assailed by a gas or a powder.
  • Batman survives something that would kill a normal human.
  • Alfred gets a bon mot in.
  • Batman dangles above a pit.


  • Fire gets too close to gasoline, TNT, etc., creating a massive explosion.
  • There is a sepia toned flashback.
  • The Joker gives a fully unhinged laugh.
  • Something that would psychologically scar a child happens.


  • If Bruce Wayne wears his blue sweater instead of either his Batman costume or brown suit with yellow shirt ensemble, two drinks; if he wears something entirely different, three drinks.
  • Chug while the "Batman is doing something awesome" music plays. You know what it sounds like.

People who have read my recaps, or dimly remember the show from their own childhood, may realize this game is designed for alcoholics. In fact, if strictly followed, you will never get to the end of an episode; it will be as if Batman himself snuck into your house, and took care of business - bat business.


  1. So, really, it's more of a Batman: The Animated Series Suicide Pact. Last one to alcohol poisoning is a rotten egg laid by Robin!

    1. When this craze sweeps the nation - bodies in living rooms, the DVD intro on loop, cans and bottles underfoot - I will buy a robe and preach the Church of Batman.

      The only way to join the Dark Knight on the Batplane located behind the moon is to play the drinking game until your heart stops.

      Bonus points in the afterlife if you construct a garbage bag cape and cowl.

  2. Unless you know someone that can handle 57 glasses of beer in twenty minutes; i think you'd have to pause the episode as you're going so you don't miss something. Or you may have to watch it and count before hand so you have enough. I don't think I know anyone who regularly keeps enough beer on hand that they could finish an episode if they tried. That may make for competitions. How far into the Batman drinking game did you make it (pauses to drink, each drink requires the video to be paused); Dude there was one time I made it a whole 4min 13 seconds in, hospitalized for 3 weeks.

    1. If I had played my cross promotional cards right, you could have gotten a bulk discount if you mentioned you were buying alcohol for a Batman: The Animated Series viewing party; also, a complimentary 911 call later in the evening.