Friday, March 2, 2012

Batman: 07 P.O.V.

Batman is a DC Comics character, and Batman: The Animated Series is owned by Warner Home Video. If you'd like to purchase this episode, you may do so here; if you'd like to buy the DVD box set, you may do so here. The story is by Mitch Brian; the teleplay is by Sean Catherine Derek and Laren Bright; and the episode was directed by Kevin Altieri.

As fits the episode title, the background could be a human brain, puzzle pieces, or swirling smoke. The score is funereal, but builds on a vaguely hopeful note.

A police car races like the devil chases it under a harvest moon. Gotham. Any night. Every night.

Renee Montoya is behind the wheel, and the rook she's partnered with grips the dashboard as she takes another fishtail turn. Amazingly, he's worried about being late, not dying in a crash. They're on their way to meet Bullock at a sting.

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