Friday, January 28, 2011

Sleepless in Egypt

The Wall Street Journal headline I saw for half a second while walking to get my free Friday donut (chocolate - yum!) said "Arab Unrest Spreading." It also said something about Egypt below a picture of angry people with signs, the universal symbol for civil disruption.

This is where I'd usually make a cheap joke about pyramids, mummies, or - if I was trying to show off my book learnin' - the Ptolemaic dynasty.

However, at least once in the history of this blog, someone from Egypt visited Bad Ideas. Perhaps it was a member of the rebels (I don't really know what the issue is, so I've decided it's like Star Wars), looking for a quick laugh as they assembled a homemade assault rifle; maybe it was a soldier in the Imperial guard, who mistakenly ended up up here as he Googled "bad ideas for what to wear at a riot."

Then again, this is the internet; someone probably typed in "dog boners" and was whisked by the pagerank fairy to my fair HTML home. Sorry friend! Due to the injunction, I had to shut down that part of my blog back in November.

Whoever you were, Egyptian viewer, I wish you nothing but success in your quest to overthrow your President/God emperor, or your efforts to quell dissent/brain a rioter with a half-brick!

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  1. I wondered where the "dog boner" site went. It is so hard to find classy websites to read about dog boners nowadays.