Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm a driver, I'm a winner

Things are gonna change, I can feel it.

Happy 2012

Hello all! Happy New Year, or at least Happy New(ish) Year! Three days in, the new year smell is already fading and it's lost half the resale value, possibly a little more after bumping into that wonky curb in front of the Citgo.

Anyone's resolutions already broken, or showing signs of cracks? If so, don't worry!

There's still Eastern Orthodox New Year yet to come, which falls on January 14th. There's still Chinese New Year, which is on January 23rd in 2012. Or did you really screw the pooch? Maybe you decided to stop brutally murdering, but people kept talking at the movies, or chewing with their mouths open. In that case, you'll probably want Balinese New Year, which isn't until March 23rd.

Remember: there's no need to change yourself when you can simply change your calendar!

On a more serious note, updates have been non-existent since the 22nd. The holidays were very busy for me, but I'm working on something now that will be up later today. That is, unless I hate it and it's terrible.

Who am I kidding, it will probably get posted anyway; this blog isn't called "Good Ideas I Have Had", after all.

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