Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Nativity

I tried teaching the children about Gertie, the nativity octopus, but they were resistant. After a little convincing, they were practically begging me to add other marine life.

On the left side you see Mary's best friend, crab, and her other best friends, Manx cat and half cow.

If you turn your attention to the lower right hand corner, you see an animal a little girl described as "half-sheep, half-chicken." Apparently there was gene splicing at the nativity, which no doubt gave rise to the cow with two bodies but only one head. Really, all the cows in the picture have a problem.

Do children secretly hate cows?

As for the starfish, suckling at the reverse brahmin's teat? Blasphemy. (That's the starfish's name - Blasphemy Jones.)


  1. Any relation to Justice Turnpike?

  2. Did you notice that the cow with one head and two bodies seems to have some sort of brown horn? Could this be the legendary "Two-bodied Unicow"?

  3. I saw Two-Bodied Unicow play in Tucson not that long ago. Their first set was good, the second not so much.