Monday, November 29, 2010

The Shape of Things to Come

This Christmas season I'll be posting some older stuff. Imma polish it all up, but it'll be more or less the same. If you've read this stuff before, consider what I'm doing a retrospective; if you did not, you're clearly one of the people I despise, and I wish each night for ill to befall you.

like this
(it's an octopus eating a man's face)

This arrangement also gives me time to work on new content, as well as some works of short fiction I've been tinkering with. And - let's be honest - it also gives me time to goof around during the holidays.

There will be some completely new posts, but mainly pictures people have sent. Most are from my friend the dentist, who is also Archmagister of the Wizzardry Training School for Wayward Boys and Girls. Think of it as where the kids who couldn't get into Hogwarts go. Their motto is: Twice the wizzard, 1/2 the co$t!

Keep an eye on the Twitter feed to the right, or just subscribe. I'll be doing my best to describe all the sandwiches I eat, and how the line I'm in at the mall is taking, like, forever.

Thanks to everyone who reads Bad Ideas, including the guy or gal who visited from Egypt a week ago. You made my day, random stranger!

Okay. That's it. Back to your regularly scheduled internets. See you tomorrow!


  1. Just so long as you remember that my Christmas cannot be complete with a visit from Charlie Brown's Television!

  2. Monday of Christmas week you'll have your heart's desire!