Monday, April 2, 2012

I Will Buy You A New Life

Perfect shiny and new.

It is with joy and mild terror that I present to you the new Bad Ideas I Have Had, now called “Bad Ideas I Had” in everything but URL. You could call it Bad Ideas for short, which is what I call this place in my head. (I plan on dropping one word a year until the site is eventually a giant B, 40 feet high and luminous.)

I've overhauled the way the site looks and works to provide a better, cleaner experience. It still isn't perfect - sorry, Everclear - but I like it immeasurably more. I've also reviewed and edited all posts and works of fiction from prior to 2012. There were times when I felt like I was being haunted by my own ghost, but I pushed through.

Said works of fiction and Batman recaps are now located on my domain, though the posts that announced them and the comments remain here. I’ll continue to post samples of new fiction, but the full text will be on pages that are outside of Blogger. Click the Writing and Batman links on the side to access a full list.

Fun fact: This is the hundredth post on Bad Ideas I Had. I couldn't have planned the synchronicity if I tried.

Did you know that a lot of images here have alt-text, the words that you see when you hover over a picture with your mouse? If you’re not reading the alt-text on the Batman recaps, you’re missing half the fun.

I have two tumblrs now! The Microwave’s Ghost is short flash fiction (less than 300 words, sometimes only 100) that tends toward the macabre. It is full of tiny, morbid bubbles that pop in your face and leave an oily residue. Batman’s Day Out features captioned .gifs and screencaps from The Animated Series. Most images and captions are new, although a few of my favorites from the recaps will creep in. (“cap” density for this paragraph: 13%)

Both sites update once a day, Monday to Friday, and they already have a few posts so you can get a taste of what they’re about. They're accessible via the My Projects link on the side. Hopefully, they're just the start - I have so very, very many bad ideas.

I've put up a new piece of flash fiction called Keeping a Pet, a new Chapter One named Incident Report #77A-1, and while there isn't a new short story (yet), I've fleshed out The Northwest Corner in a way that disturbs even me.

That's it. Go poke around. If you like what I do, tell people via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, reddit, or however you get down. If you want to shout in the faces of strangers in a downtown area, it’s your call. Where I live, it seems pretty popular.


  1. I'm so glad you mentioned the alt-text on that Batman! How did I not see this before? It's a good thing they're all organized and easily accessed now. I'll have to go re-read them.

    Also, I like the new look. Nice picture :)

    1. It's almost as much fun as riding in the Batmobile. Okay, that's a lie. But I like doing it and you like reading it, so we're good.

      Glad you like it! And thanks!

  2. The alt-text on Batman eluded me as well. I must reread.

    1. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of criminals that could also say, "Batman eluded me as well." Don't feel bad.