Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'll Just Disappear

My name is Isaiah Lewis, and I was 17 when I first turned invisible. I'm sure a lot of 17 year olds feel like they're invisible, either to girls, or guys, or both. (It's a confusing age.) However, I mean actually invisible, as in unable to be observed, translucent man, photons need not apply; I was possibly the first brother in history who could walk out of a Klan meeting with a piece of pie.

Don't ask me how I can still see without anything bouncing off my retinas. I didn't have a PhD in Optics back then, and I haven't earned one since. I have learned enough to know that what I can do is impossible according to how we currently understand light. Not vision, mind you, light; I don’t show up in pictures or on video either. It's the whole deal.

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  1. Nice work, as always

  2. Is there more of this? I want to read more of this.

  3. Thank you!

    Sadly, there isn't any more...right now. There could be. I have a flash drive littered with .txt files in various stages of completion. It's a sloppy way to work, and I'm attempting to get better at it.

    Invisible boys: test well with the readership. :)