Friday, October 22, 2010

Taco Bell

Google is currently unable to answer my question "Is Taco Bell real?"

There are a lot of people asking if it's real meat (or "meet"), or if it's real Mexican food, or if it's really bad for you, but no one else asking if it actually exists.

Can someone get on this for me?


  1. It is not real, at least not by normal human standards. Within the walls of each "Taco Bell" is a void in which the elder beings sleep. Their servants slower dismember them, throwing their bits into our dimension, where they will reassemble, awake, and destroy all that we hold dear.

    I love eating at Taco Bell...

  2. Coming soon to a Taco Bell near you - the Blackjack taco of a thousand young! Not enough food? Try our Nachos Bel-Shamharoth meal deal. Think outside the placid island of ignorance!

  3. Hi James! You're the best future roommate-in-law ever! I love your blog. <3 Ariel

  4. Oh Ariel, you know the way to a man's heart! Your intended *literally* knows the way to a man's heart, so I'll not be crossing him.