Monday, October 4, 2010

It's the Little Things

Sometimes I like to pretend that lunch is the opening sequence for a 1950's TV show:
It's Lunchtime!

Starring leftovers! Carrots you forgot in the back of the fridge! Office banana! And special appearance by half a cinnamon bagel!

Lunchtime is filmed in front of your computer, and supported by the Work Corporation.

Work: It's What You Do

On this episode of Lunchtime, food is masticated until it's a sufficient granularity to be swallowed. When a food is dropped, will it be on the pants or on the floor? Stay tuned!
The entire program would be me chewing and swallowing food while staring dead eyed at the camera, with an uproarious laugh track playing in the background. Also, a slide whistle. 

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