Thursday, July 11, 2013


It's a little known fact that Peru doesn't exist. It never has, in fact.

Early in prehistory there an antecedent to the Tunguska event that hit the Russian steppes in 1908. However, whereas the Tunguska event was only partially realized, the event that took place in what we call Peru was complete - an area twice the size of Spain gone, and in its place a swirling hole of nothing.

South American tribes knew to avoid that land. Their name for it roughly translates as "Dreamsink". When the Spanish arrived the first conquistadors to lay eyes on it went mad and were never heard from again. The second group survived, and their ravings were committed to paper by priests and then sealed in the Vatican's vaults.

It's said that the men themselves were sealed away as well, but they live to this day. Or so the legend goes, anyway.

Since then the political powers of the world wide community have cooperated to keep it a secret. Even at the height of the Cold War, American and Soviet agents worked together to maintain the cover. There is a Peruvian flag. There are Peruvian athletes at the Olympics. Maybe you think you've been to Peru on vacation, but you haven't.

Peru doesn't exist. It never has, in fact.

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