Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guess who's back?

Hello internet friends! After a longer than planned hiatus, I've returned! Well, sort of.

While I'm finally moved, married, and gainfully employed, I'm in the process of turning the place I live from a sterile white box into a home where humans do human things. You know, like cook and respirate. Contrary to whatever farcical expectations I began this endeavor with (e.g. painting doesn't take long, the best position for furniture is self evident, nothing will be broken) yesterday was two weeks and I still have shit to do.

However, I want to start sharing all the guest content I mentioned in my previous post. No, not the one with the blood water. The one before that. If you saw a message in the blood water, please follow your destiny to whatever dark conclusion you were promised.

This afternoon I'll run the first story I received. It's titled Penance, and was written by my good friend Lee McLeod. I'll do two guest posts a week until I run out of material, at which point I hope to have something to put up here. It could be comedy, it could be horror, it could be a tapeworm fresh from a woman's throat doing a burlesque. We'll see.

The Microwave's Ghost, Batman's Day Out, and my twitter feed will resume Monday the 2nd.

Here are some dinosaur stickers for being so patient during my drastic life reorganization:

Please do not try to peel the dinosaur stickers off your screen as you will break your computer or laptop or mobile smartphone. Sadly, technology has not advanced such that I can send glue or other adhesives through interweb code.

The best I can recommend is for you to print the dinosaurs, carefully cut them out, and then use an adhesive of your choice (or tape! there is no shame in tape!) to place them where you would like. Then you may proceed to have whatever dinosaur themed adventures you can come up with. I'm not trying to limit your creativity, but here are some suggestions:

1.) One of the dinosaurs has become lost, and the others must find/rescue him/her.

2.) It is dinosaur Christmas and they are having a party.

3.) The dinosaurs find an abandoned theme park and go exploring.

4.) A mysterious figure offers one of the dinosaurs a trip in his van, but a police officer teaches them all a valuable lesson about strangers.

Thank you.

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