Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Deep Gnomes

So I was being a huge nerd browsing wikipedia, and I saw this gem:

Thanks wikipedia! Because my problem pronouncing "Svirfneblin" came from not knowing which syllable to put the emphasis on, not the fact that the name sounds like an Icelandic man sneezed in the middle of telling me where he lives.

Now that I know I'm supposed to emphasize the penultimate one, my life can continue!


  1. :sigh: What's really sad is that I took one look at your post, and immediately thought to myself, "Why is JD talking about Deep Gnomes?" Even sadder that I also started thinking about how long its been since I threw some svirfneblins at a party...I've been playing this damn game for too long!

  2. My mom's friends bought us a diaper genie (special baby trashcan). After reading the directions on how it works, the only thing I can interpret from this is that tiny svirfneblins habitat inside the can and eat the dirty diapers producing a non-smelling form of the diapers which are sealed into tiny blue bags. My baby poops- another race lives on...